The Green Cola Company started operating in Greece in late 2011, aiming to deliver a new category of soft drinks based on natural ingredients.

Green Cola’s core philosophy, and its main distinguishing feature, is the creation of soft drinks that respond fully to the need for a healthy balanced diet.

The most important element is the use of natural sweeteners deriving from the stevia plant but it didn’t stop there…

Although the economic environment in Greece in 2011 was unfavorable for such a business venture, the idea was born and the people behind it believed in it and worked passionately to see it become a reality.

The company’s founder, Mr. Venieris , was the first person to have faith in the idea. That’s how Green Cola, “the green side of soft drinks”, was created! To this end, in 2012 the company launched Green Cola, the first cola-style soft drink with stevia, combining a great cola taste with zero calories, no aspartame, no sugar, no artificial sugar substitutes or other health-compromising ingredients, no preservatives, no phosphoric acid, with caffeine form green coffee beans.

The uniqueness, innovation and authentic taste of Green Cola succeeded in gaining the preference of consumers. With a steady growth both in sales and market share, Green Cola has established its position in the soft drinks category challenging other well established brands.

Moving to the second phase of development, Green Cola Bottling International expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of Pure Cola, the first cola-style soft drink with green tea extract, no caffeine, no sugar, no theine  and no preservatives. Its range has also been strengthened by the launch of Mad Mojito (alcohol free mojito), a soft drink that clearly embraces innovation in its ingredients and packaging.

Mapping the global trend towards healthier patterns of consumption Green Cola now speaks internationally to the hearts of the consumers. Its aim is to represent innovation and enthusiasm in the global soft drinks category.
Today, Green Cola Hellas is already one of the fastest growing consumer product companies in Greece, having gained the second-position in the cola soft drinks category with a 10% market share in the organized trade. Meanwhile, with its expanding distribution network, the Green Cola Bottling International is aiming to become one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies, of the international soft drink markets.

At Green Cola, our vision is to get closer and closer to what our customers want. To produce the next generation of soft drinks providing healthier living and carefree enjoyment. Our aim is to refresh our consumers daily with pioneering soft drinks made from natural ingredients with great taste. To inspire the new generation of consumers, to keep on growing by developing “the green side of soft drinks”.

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